AMD Radeon RX 560XT graphics


The official premiere of the GTX 1660 should be held, and today a has published detailed specifications of the model – the 560. And immediately the first surprise: the new received 40% more stream processors than the Radeon RX 560X. If the Radeon RX 560X has 1024 of them, then the Radeon RX 560XT has 1792. The second surprise concerns the width of the memory bus: 256 bits instead of 128. The GDDR5 memory size is 4 GB, the frequency is 7 GHz. The GPU of the 3D card operates at 1226 MHz, and one eight-pin connector is provided for supplying additional power. Characteristics of the video card source cites the example of the model Sapphire RX560 XT 4G D5 OC. It is equipped with two HDMI ports and two DisplayPort, as well as a proprietary cooling system Dual-X with two fans, several heat pipes and a heat distribution plate. Dimensions of the model – 232 x 120 x 40 mm. With the improvements that have occurred with the Radeon RX 560XT (in comparison with the Radeon RX 560X), there is nothing surprising in the fact that the new is significantly ahead of the GeForce GTX 1050Ti in games (Apex Legends) and in 3DMark. Apparently, sales of the Radeon RX 560XT start from day to day. The expected cost of the video card is $ 150