Android 10 to communicate with developers


Beta testing of the tenth of the operating system was scheduled to begin on March 11th. More precisely, it may have begun, but only so far is in a closed stage. In the meantime, sources continue to provide details about the beta test, the participants of which will have access to the new application Beta Feedback. With it, beta testers will be able to better help developers and report bugs they find during the testing process. In the Beta Feedback application, there will be three main sections (Report Issue, Feature Request and Other Feedback). These sections will allow you to report on the problem found, ask developers to implement this or that innovation, as well as leave a review of another kind. All messages and reviews will be available not only to developers, but also to other participants in the beta test, which will make it possible to quickly identify the most common errors and eliminate them. It is already known that users of various smartphones will be able to take part in beta testing of the 10 operating system, but the list has not yet been published.